Favorite Books

Books that have inspired and energized me:

Alphabetical by Author.

The Gift of Being Yourself: The Sacred Call of Self-Discovery
by David Benner

A Servant of the Lord
by Terri Dieter

Making room for life: Trading chaotic lifestyles for connected relationships.
by Randy Frazee

The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You
by James Friesen, et al.

The Grace Outpouring: Blessing Others through Prayer
by Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts.

Simple Spirituality: Learning to See God in a Broken World
by Chris Heuertz

The “Starbridge Series” and “St Benet’s Trilogy” (fiction)
by Susan Howatch

The Spirited Walker: Fitness Walking For Clarity, Balance, and Spiritual Connection
by Carolyn S. Kortge

The Way of Discernment
by Elizabeth Liebert

The Power of Full Engagement
by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

DNA of a revolution: First century breakthroughs that will transform the church.
by Gary Mayes

The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life’s Most Essential Skill
by Karla McLaren

Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Not-Evangelism
by Carl Medearis

Refrigerator rights: Creating connections and restoring relationships.
by Will Miller and Glenn Sparks

Embracing the body: Finding God in our flesh and bone.
by Tara Owens

Spirituality at Work: 10 Ways to Balance Your Life On the Job
by Gregory Pierce

Beauty and the bitch: Grace for the worst in me.
by Jan Meyers Proett

Living Free
by Mike Riches

Helping: How to Offer, Give, and Receive Help
by Edgar H. Schein

Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling
Edgar H. Schein

Keep Your Love On: Connection, Communication and Boundaries
by Danny Silk

The sacred search: What if it’s not about who you marry, but why?
by Gary Thomas

Singleness of Heart: Restoring the Divided Soul
by Clifford Williams

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