Favorite Places for a Cuppa

Following are a few sweet spots for tea and coffee I’ve enjoyed over the years:

Tea Rooms:

Coffees and Coffee Houses:

Chocolate Houses:

Kakawa Chocolate House – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kakawa Chocolate House 2

Do you have any recommendations?

14 thoughts on “Favorite Places for a Cuppa

  1. South Gate in Lake Forest. You introduced me to that sweet place. I believe they had a asparagus soup or split pea soup you wanted me to try and whatever it was I loved! I was also thinking of you the other day. I was talking with Mike about having Champions in my life to spur me on…you where one of them my second time round for my 6 hour comp & how nervous I was. You wanted to take me to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate after the testing. I loved that special time!

  2. I must say my favorite cafe is La Prima Tazza, Lawrence, Kansas. I have met friends there to study, I have met lovers there to call off our game and I have stopped in just to get an iced cold pressed coffee because I am worth it.

  3. I’ve just uploaded last week our review of the ‘Original Maids of Honour’. http://www.fancyacuppa.co.uk/reviews/2012/03/28/the-original-maids-of-honour-kew/

    Our new book on 110 tea rooms and coffee shops in 27 US states comes out later this month, so I’ll be uploading most of those reviews to our new site in the coming weeks too. So keep an eye on http://www.fancyacuppa.co.uk/reviews

    And this year we’re going to all 80 UK cathedral towns and cities in search of good coffee and tea, from where we’ll be blogging on what we find http://www.fancyacuppanow.wordpress.com

    Get in touch if you’re over in the UK again!

      1. Just uploaded our favourite places for tea and for coffee in DC. Here are links to our reviews.



        If you’re there on a weekend you’ll need somewhere else to go and the best we found was: http://peregrineespresso.com/

        We didn’t do any reviews in NYC but for something a little different, try the view of Manhattan from across the Hudson in Bayonne, where there’s a great coffee shop and brilliant diner. Robert’s Coffee is on Facebook; and Broadway Diner is like going back 50 years…

      1. If you come to Yorkshire, you actually have lots of different opportunities to visit Betty’s. The one in the city of York is beautiful, but always busy and you often have to line up – in the rain – to get in. I actually prefer Betty’s in the lovely spa town Harrogate or the traditional market towns of Ilkley and Northallerton. Not many American tourists get to those smaller Yorkshire towns, so you might enjoy a bit of a different experience…

        I’ve chosen not to review them for my tea/coffee guides only because they are so well-known already and i don’t like to have to line up for a cuppa!

  4. Hi Suz, and thanks for liking my latest post — which of course includes a coffee house! (We have that love in common) Anyone in or coming to Toronto can find a whole wealth of independent cafes by visiting http://www.indiecoffeepassport.com and looking over the list of members. Two of my current favourites: Merchants of Green Coffee, and Full of Beans. (I’ll be mentioning yet another, Moonbean, in my next post…)

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