Vacation means….

Vacation means having no agenda or script. It is an essential break from the routine traffic patterns of our lives. It gives us a chance to see things from new perspectives, to discover new aspects of our relationships with family and friends.

As children, my siblings and I spent hours upon hours in the back seat of our Volvo station wagon, driving back and forth across the country (New York to California and back). We entertained ourselves, bickered, tickled each other, and negotiated the allocation of space repeatedly (driving our parents mad at times!). Wonderful memories!.

Here’s to summer and making space on the calendar for those unscripted, no-agenda times!!

unscripted 3

Santa Fe Chocolate House

Kakawa Chocolate House 1
Kakawa Chocolate House

Kakawa Chocolate House 2
Sipping Chocolate – Chili Elixir

Kakawa Chocolate House 3
Recipe for Hot Chocolate, New Mexico Style
— Courtesy of the Museum of International Folk Art

I am traveling in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this week and had the chance to stop in to the Kakawa Chocolate House (how can you go wrong with “chocolate house” anywhere in the name?). I opted for the spicy sipping chocolate, called the Chili Elixir — fabulous! This followed a visit to the Museum of International Folk Art and their current exhibit “New World Cuisine: The Histories of Chocolate, Mate y Más.” ~ A perfect pairing on the itinerary, I’d say!