Grace. Generous, free, totally unexpected, and undeserved. John Piper says we are to “suck it up through our roots and grow by it; that we might soak it up like sunshine through our leaves and grow by it.”

For many, myself included, it is hard comprehend that God desires for us to receive love and mercy just because–not because we have done anything to earn it, but because he is good.

“Grow in grace…” 2 Peter 3:18

Traveling Mercies

Traveling 11-2012_2

Last month, when I traveled to the DC Metro area and NYC, I was occasionally conscious of being an out-of-town guest. When we travel, we don’t know our way around as well as everyone else. We enter and exit the Metro (subway/tube/other) less swiftly. We hesitate. We fumble with maps and directions (and smartphones claiming to provide directions). At home, when I encounter the hesitaters and fumblers, sometimes I am kind, sometimes impatient. It is good to travel and be reminded of how sweet and lovely hospitality can be. Perhaps, we are the ones to grant mercy to travelers.

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