Weddings and Single Gals

Last year a friend married her dear love, and this year another will marry hers. For single gal friends, there is a flurry of excitement, energy, shared experiences, and investment on this side of a wedding.

At the wedding, the sheltering and encouraging friendship of women takes a good and necessary turn. The entire friendship leads to this moment and transitions in support of the new couple.

Marriage rightly shifts priorities and commitments as the bonds of the new “normal” take shape. I have learned to let go and wait to see where the friendship surfaces on the other side. Marriage is joyful, but it is also a goodbye to the status quo of all the sheltering and preparatory relationships, including the friendship of single gals.


Photo credit: I have no idea!! This is just one of the many photos saved to my phone as I researched wedding event planning!

One thing I will add as an afterthought to this post. I am keenly aware that I cannot think of singleness as…something broken that needs to be fixed. It is a state of being that includes all the fullness and richness of God’s presence and love. Defining singleness as anything less than full belonging and acceptance gives the enemy way too much freedom to set the terms. I refuse to do it and will not concede that ground to him.

Vacation means….

Vacation means having no agenda or script. It is an essential break from the routine traffic patterns of our lives. It gives us a chance to see things from new perspectives, to discover new aspects of our relationships with family and friends.

As children, my siblings and I spent hours upon hours in the back seat of our Volvo station wagon, driving back and forth across the country (New York to California and back). We entertained ourselves, bickered, tickled each other, and negotiated the allocation of space repeatedly (driving our parents mad at times!). Wonderful memories!.

Here’s to summer and making space on the calendar for those unscripted, no-agenda times!!

unscripted 3

A Tradition of Tea

Another tradition my friend Tanya and I have is taking afternoon tea. We’ve enjoyed tea at the Drake Hotel Palm Court (Chicago), the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand), and the Pink Bicycle (Virginia).

We’ve just added the Arizona Biltmore to the list!


Looking forward to more tea adventures!

Friends and Bookends

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

My friend Tanya and I have been friends for more than 20 years and we plan on being friends for a very long time! When we were in grad school, I suggested that we might be good travel buddies. And, we are! We traveled to Paris in 1999. She took a job in Thailand, and I went to visit her in 2002. In 2005, when she was working in Germany, we met up in France to visit and see Annecy and Lyon.

Okay – back to the secret. When we arrived in Paris, my cousin and his wife took us out for Thai food. On my last night in Thailand, it seemed fitting to go to a French restaurant (or rather a French/Moroccan/Thai fusion restaurant). So, when she visited last week, Tanya and I kept tradition and had Thai food on the first night and French food on the last.

Making memories and traditions as we go….. Enjoying delicious Thai


Enjoying a fabulous alfresco French meal

Cuisine and Wine Bistro