Ivywild Bristol Brewing Co.

Ivywild School is the elementary school my father and his three brothers attended one block from the home my grandparents purchased in 1942. Growing up, we would always walk to the school playground and play, but I had never been inside the building.

Ivywildl Bristol Brewery 1_resize

Now the building has been transformed into a funky, fun commercial space as a brewery, deli/eatery, pub, bakery and shop.

Ivywildl Bristol Brewery 2_resize

There are all kinds of reminders that this was once a school. and I couldn’t help but imagine my dad and his brothers coming to school here — long ago.

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The exposed brick and high ceilings are wonderful. Lots of seating throughout the space.

Ivywildl Bristol Brewery 4_resize

I suppose if your school is not functioning anymore, it can’t hurt for it to be transformed into a multi-functional community space, right?

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On Wednesday, there was a farm and art market. Lots of people were enjoying the early evening.

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Making beer

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The pub is lined with the chalk board from a former classroom. Fusion indeed.

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