Darkness and the Light

Yesterday I sensed the dread of today’s date.  I can’t help recalling the malevolent destruction, horror and loss connected with it in 2001.  But, no matter how awful it was, the power of that darkness is not greater than the light.

The miracle of birth and the sustaining power of life still continue to propel millions of us forward toward hope and living.  Rather than affirming the power of darkness today, I choose to affirm the power of light.

1950 Dodge Coronet

Apparently, these days bring May flowers as well as more vintage cars. As the days get warmer, people are bringing out their jewels. I am just tickled by this pristine vintage car — a 1950 Dodge Coronet — spotted in the grocery store parking lot.

1950 Dodge Coronet 2

Check out the beautiful tail lights and the trunk of the car.

1950 Dodge Coronet 3

I imagine this car has all kinds of stories to tell.  It is truly from another era.

1950 Dodge Coronet 4

A glance inside reminds me of my grandfather’s car. I think the passenger armrest is plush fabric-covered. And the steering wheel is classic!

1950 Dodge Coronet 5

Looking at this picture, I wonder if the door is even locked?? It looks like a push-button mechanism.

1950 Dodge Coronet 6

The Coronet Gyro-Matic — quintessential 1950s era name!

1950 Dodge Coronet 7

The front grill — look at those headlamps and the narrow hood. Wow!

1950 Dodge Coronet 8

This car appears to have been owned by someone in the military. Again — there are stories connected with this vehicle.

1950 Dodge Coronet 9

Apparently low mileage. And it’s available for $10,500, or best offer.

1950 Dodge Coronet 10

Stunning, right down to the gleaming hubcaps.

1950 Dodge Coronet 11

I am in love.  On the lookout for more!

Pikes Peak from Boulder Street


It is always stunning to see Pikes Peak down the street when I am driving westward. Certain streets seem to have been designed for the sole purpose of showcasing its majesty. Not, as one might imagine, for safety, though, as I often look for my camera as I am driving!