Siding with Heaven

Watching televised court coverage of a cop’s manslaughter trial, I feel the tension of judgment heaped on this police officer and the elusiveness of justice in human courts.

Boko Haram. Isis. Corruption. Abuse of Power. Violence. Abuse. Murder. Rape. Lying. Addiction. Deception. Bullying.

Every single rebellious decision and act brings glee to the Enemy. Seriously. The Enemy’s goal is to destroy the souls of men and women, to so demoralize us that we find it impossible to believe we can be forgiven and redeemed by the One who makes all things new.

I absolutely stand against the Enemy. I reject the Enemy’s schemes to destroy my soul or anyone else’s. I refuse to be gleeful with the Enemy. 

I choose instead to take up petition with the One who welcomes prodigals and side with heaven for our souls.


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