A call to prayer for Northern Iraq

Let us be praying as God calls and allows, this day and this weekend forward, for all those in the conflict in Northern Iraq:

1) for Christians under attack (both Iraqi Christians and the non-Iraqi Christians serving among them) for courage, peace, wisdom, discernment, assurance of God’s presence, abundant faith, hope, covering, guarding of their souls, provision, and miracles;

2) for sympathetic and compassionate Islamic neighbors for eyes and ears to see the difference between good and evil in their midst and to have courage to do the right thing. May they see and know the love of Christ, his saving grace and his triumph over evil;

3) for the ISIS forces for confusion and thwarting of their evil plans for death and destruction. May their eyes be opened, may they glimpse the glory of God and know that they can know the love of this King Jesus Christ for whom people (and little children) will die. Let your love and truth not be in vain, Lord!!! Love never fails. Never. Come, Lord. Come;

4) for all those in positions of authority and power to stand against evil. May they know and recognize their role to play. Give them courage to speak and act according to your call. Give them long term perspectives not short term ones of how they will look good or gain from their decisions.

5) for all those of faith who are on the outside looking in for an increase of faith and perseverance in prayer. The Lord inhabits the praises of his people. Let us not forget that He is GOOD. Let us intercede and not believe any lies of the enemy. The enemy has NOT won and IS NOT WINNING. Let us take up the spiritual weapons of praise and thanksgiving for the work of Christ on the cross that still empowers us to look evil in the eye and say “it is finished”.

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