Five Things

This past summer my mom and I were on a road trip around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. With hours of driving ahead. I decided we should play a game I made up called “Five Things,” which is really a game of discovery. Each person has a turn asking the other to list five things: five things you are looking forward to seeing on this trip, five shades of green, five things you like about music, etc.

In that vein, here are five of my favorite things from 2013:
1. Favorite view: Coming round the bend of Hurricane Ridge in Washington State. The road winds upward with no real sign of the spectacular view ahead. You turn around a corner and there are snow-capped mountains as far as you can see!
Hurricane Ridge 3

2. Favorite place to write: Sitting at my desk, looking out the window.

3. Favorite books: Fiction: Susan Howatch’s “Church of England” series. Nonfiction: Terry Dieter’s A Servant of the Lord: Overcoming Obstacles to Obedience

Port Townsend Day

4. Favorite coffee shop: Velocity Coffee House, Port Townsend, WA. Perched on the marina, this little coffee shop served up the most delicious latte. Experience was even sweeter shared with friend Amber and mom!
port townsend latte

5. Favorite surprise: Friends Mark & Regina purchasing a multi-use building for residential, office and community purposes. Looking forward to seeing more and more life unfold there!

5 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. I love this Susan! It’s so much fun to see that glimpses of your trip here made it on your “top 5” list and one I even got to share in with you and your mom! I am really excited to take my sister and my mom to that same coffee shop this summer! Also, that view from Hurricane Ridge is definitely one of my favorites as well! I love going up there every summer! God bless!

    1. Amber, that was so fun, and I love that you will be going there with your mom and sister! I also loved our late lunch that day. It was such an adventurous, tasty meal and it was great to catch up with you. Really a memorable day! Definitely one of the best days of 2013!

  2. What a fun idea, Suz! And I love that 2 of your favorites were here in my new state. ;) I can’t wait to go to the Olympic Peninsula and try Velocity in Pt. Townsend. And I just heard about Mark & Regina’s building from Joylynn- what a beautiful idea. Blessings to you, dear friend!

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