Facts vs. Truth

The enemy of our souls loves to accuse us and tempt us to judge ourselves as well as others.  Often, the accusations are grounded in solid, accurate, facts — a recounting of actions that were not what they should have been or what we would want them to be.   But, wrongdoings do not define us or others.  They are not the whole truth.

The truth is always framed by the love of Christ and his work on the cross.   Christ places himself at the center of the accusation and says — put that on me;  I will take the punishment.  He does not condemn us or accuse us.  He offers love and forgiveness.  And, he says — do not judge — even if the facts are condemning!

Truth is not based on facts, but on the broader framework of Christ’s love.  Truth always has this tough moral fiber.  It is this kind of truth that will set us free.

(reflection as I read A Servant of the Lord by Terri Dieter)

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