Be still

Be Still

How do we learn to know God?

How do we know him and know him intimately?

I am weak, but he is strong.  My heart is aching, aching with the weight of sorrow.  There are horrible, evil, painful things in this world – divorce, addiction, death, child custody battles, illness, and abuse.  And, it is okay to cry with those who cry, to cry out for our world and for our loved ones.  I press my head up in to the chest of God, listening for his heartbeat, stilling myself to his steadiness, as my racing heart slows to his rhythm.  I don’t know how the things pressing up against me this day will be resolved, but I lean into knowing God in the midst of my not-knowing.  “Be still” in Psalm 46:10 translates also as “cease striving” (NASV).  Yes – cease from striving, from fixing and figuring things out.  Jesus said — those who receive the kingdom of God must receive it as a child (Mark 10:15).  My heart is heavy with wailing for the coming of his kingdom and peace, for specific people and situations this day.

When children finally give up, their sobs slow to whimpers and they melt into the eventual rest of sleep.  The cry of my heart melts into his strength.   I lean in to him with all I’ve got and trust him for peace and rest. And, I lay claim to his peace, his will on earth as it is in heaven. Come, Lord; come.

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