Sediment and Process

Red Rocks Canyon on an Early Spring Morning

In Colorado, the earth reminds us of processes and time and all that has gone before us, creating the ground on which we stand.  It is easy to forget that friendships can often form slowly, over long periods of time. And one day, you realize that people you’ve known have become very dear to you. We can take people for granted or get very choosy about who is “in” and “out” and who is on the A, B, or C lists. The problem is that, at any given point in time, our perspectives are inevitably framed by our circumstances. It is very difficult to see into the future, to know what will matter to you in three, six, or ten years time. After the rain has stopped and the floods have gone, the sediment is left, and the earth matter has settled.  The things that matter to you today may be all awhirl in the water of your present circumstances, but years from now, when the water has receded, you will see what (and who) is left, and you may be surprised. I don’t have lists of A, B, and C friends, and I am finding the “in” and “out” parameters to be unhelpful and somewhat of a hindrance.  So, here’s to loving those in our midst and the curious, organic processes of friendship! May you have clarity around the things that matter! Blessings, fellow traveler.

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