Decisions on the Journey of Life, 3


Continued from Part Two

In all this journeying, we can forget that life is for living. We can easily get lost in cul-de-sacs, going round and round in mindless routines.  In daily life, the smallest things can jostle us awake and remind us that it is good to be alive: the surprise of a zinnia, the fresh, citrus scent of peeled oranges, or the unexpected hug of a friend. Or, the trigger may be more profound, like being told we are loved and accepted for being real in the midst of our messiness. But, often, the things that transform us and re-route our journeys are much heavier and more difficult to bear.

Faith is believing that the overriding, defining truth of the Father’s love trumps evil on a grand, universal scale, but, and perhaps more importantly, it is living it out on a local, intimate one. Yielding to him brings his goodness to bear in and through us, in all kinds of circumstances. But, it is never a slam dunk. It is always unknown territory, the most challenging of which is that of learning to love in relationships – relationships with our selves, with God, and with others.

Life is for living. And it is for loving.  Fear will cripple us and most certainly rob us of shalom-wholeness-peace. Perfect love casts out fear – so let us welcome the perfect Lover of our souls to live in us. The welcoming Father does not judge or shame us. His love is the making and un-making of us, encouraging us to walk with courage the road less traveled.

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