Sweet Disciplines

I love you honeyThere is nothing as maddening as the unyielding, sticky rim of a honey jar. The seemingly unavoidable hardening regularly threatens to put me off of honey forever, which I usually do, until a recipe or a guest calls for it. Then, of course, it takes a good five minutes or so to boil water in a pan, set the honey jar inside and let the simmering water coax the lid to give. And, for all that, honey just doesn’t seem worth all the trouble.

But, brown sugar is different. Sure, I have had brown sugar petrify from disuse, but I have learned my lesson. Brown sugar needs to be disturbed often to remain soft and spoonworthy. And, the reward of this effort is sweet, decadent brown sugar goodness. So, in the spirit of disciplines and committing to routines, I will make every effort to squeeze the bag of brown sugar daily, when I dip into it for my requisite oatmeal breakfast spoonful (too bad I didn’t think of this in January for my New Year’s resolution).

My takeaway from these kitchen escapades is this: my disciplines have to be both regular and rewarding.  I’ve got to savor the result and want more, in order for me to stick to them.  And, I’ve got to commit to “disturbing” what would otherwise harden to the point of being inflexible and unyielding (unless subjected to intense heat and pressure), in order to stay soft, pliable, and usable. I suppose there are many ways to read all this, but disturbing the brown sugar seems like a good strategic hook on which to hang my planned objectives.

May your sweeteners remain soft and supple and your disciplines bring you satisfying rewards!

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