Avoiding Making Wills?

Our unwillingness (pun intended) to make a will may be worth exploring. Or, it might just be better to just get it done!  I drafted my wills, both the Last Will and Testament and the Living Will, about three years ago, but did not have them witnessed and notarized. It is time to take these matters off the back burner.

Is it “tempting fate” to make a will? I don’t really believe in fate, but I did wonder if death might follow closely on the heels of completion. Expectedly or unexpectedly, we will die. The need for a will seems inevitable. What motivates me to get these items settled is thinking my family will be saddled it, if I don’t. I believe the most loving thing I can do is to consider these details in advance and save them headaches later.

Making a will may be one way of coming to terms with one’s mortality. It can also be a reckoning of one’s life and living. Assessing one’s accumulations (or lack thereof) can be sobering, and unwelcome emotions may surface (hence, the procrastination). It may be a good idea to “phone a friend” for support and be intentional and patient in identifying emotions. I want to pay attention to my childish fears and allow them to “grow up” in the light of truths I know today.  I am also looking forward to a sense of relief, as I take care of these things in the next several weeks!

Note: If you are looking for information or resources, LegalZoom has a range of estate planning articles and offers a fairly simple online package for preparing wills, which I found helpful.

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