“Humble King” – Looking to 2013

Each year, I select a song as a theme song, almost a prayer and melody to fill the days throughout the year.  Inspiration hit really early this time around. At church this past Sunday, we sang this song that was on a Vineyard Music CD I listened to years ago. The words just struck me as appropriate, appropriate for me because I have been so impressed by God’s compassion for the broken and his call for me to love others.

Recording on “Hungry” http://youtu.be/KEx1FMt5DTI

Brenton Brown discussing this song as well as the Christmas verse (not included below). http://youtu.be/fZsGEaRB_ig

“Humble King” – Brenton Brown

Oh kneel me down again,
Here at Your feet
Show me how much You love humility
Oh Spirit be the star that leads me to
The humble heart of love I see in You

You are the God of the broken
The friend of the weak
You wash the feet of the weary
Embrace the ones in need
I want to be like You, Jesus
To have this heart in me
You are the God of the humble
You are the humble King

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