Christmas and Shalom

Signs of Christmas

I love Christmas traditions, but as of today, December 4th, the following actions are still pending:

  • finding and decorating a tree
  • taking out Christmas decorations and putting them up around the house
  • selecting and making key recipes to celebrate the festive season
  • deciding which concerts to attend
  • writing (and sending) Christmas cards
  • finalizing Christmas gifts

However, I have not hesitated to do the following:

  • marvel at Christmas lights in the neighborhood
  • enjoy a little Christmas music (I particularly like Sting’s holiday CD)
  • pour over a few holiday magazines
  • keep my calendar pretty clear (so that I can relax and not stress out)
  • reflect and read

Although I don’t know how much of the first section will get done, I will take this month in stride and not overdo it. I want to honor the coming of the Prince of Peace (or Shalom) to our world. Shalom means “wholeness, completeness, harmony, peace, perfectness”. So really, I don’t need to “do” anything else to be or feel “complete” in this season. I just need to receive and honor the Prince of Shalom and remember his example of love.

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