Cheese: Meadowkaas Gouda, Parrano, and Wensleydale (Dutch and English)

I’ve been spreading the cheese love around in my exploration of cheese (previous post).  So, my sister called me up to say she’d selected a few cheeses for a cheese-tasting!  Way to go, sis!


Meadowkaas Gouda spring cow’s milk (Dutch) is available for roughly three months out of the year.  It is fairly soft, mild-flavored, and creamy, with a slight edge.

Parrano is a Gouda and Parmesan blend (also Dutch). It is a harder, aged cheese with crunchy calcium lactate. It’s nutty and buttery (more about these Goudas).

We also had a Wensleydale with cranberries (English), a lovely soft cheese with the added flavors of cranberries (Wensleydale). It is a “relative” of Roquefort — it seems that monks from the Roquefort region of France settled in North Yorkshire and started making it. ( I’d like to try the blue Wensleydale as well if I can locate it.)

We enjoyed these cheeses with apples, grapes, and a dry white wine.  Looking forward to our next cheese venture. (Past cheese tasting posts).

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