Summer Memories

Perhaps I am nostalgic. Perhaps I am naive. But I think one of the best things you can do with your family and friends is spend good, fun times together and take lots of pictures!!. We usually took a month’s vacation, drove from New York to Illinois, to Colorado and California, and then back again. We often camped in Colorado. And my father was an avid photographer, capturing one scene after another. These were such good times. And, now, thanks to my sister Leslie, who painstakingly transferred hundreds of images from dad’s slides to digital form, we have access to these images and refreshed memories!!

My sister and me

My sister in the blue Volvo station wagon

Me, my sister, and my brother camping in Colorado

Fishing in Colorado

All dressed up

With Mom

9 thoughts on “Summer Memories

  1. love the nostalgia, the memories and the beautiful photos your dad took. my favorite one in this set is you with your head out the car window…such joy and freedom! :) i also love seeing leslie in the last picture wearing your hand-me down dress from the first picture.

  2. I agree with the car window delight. Hmm, why do we think that’s a joy only for pups?! (of course it might be a bit precarious in this season in Colorado — the Miller moths would be covering our faces ;-)

  3. What wonderful memories to have. I tried scanning some of our old slides too and often the quality wasn’t too good, unfortunately

  4. These are lovely. And you’re right about spending time and having fun with family. It’s usually the best times of our lives, I feel. You’ve got a lovely blog, too. Thank you for dropping by mine…now I get to read you, and those you read. Always fun, finding new blogs :)

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