A woman after her dad’s heart and mind

I am a woman shaped by my dad’s heart and mind. Don’t get me wrong. My mother has shaped me and loved me profoundly, but there is something of my dad’s personality that is impressioned on my soul and being that is unmistakable. Now, seven months after he has passed away, my sister is going through his computer hard drive, locating things that should be saved and discarding others. She brought me some of his writings… He writes about seeking solitude in crowded, public places and thinking. He writes: “I have always loved moments of aloneness, especially in the middle of busy places, where I can burrow down and read or to write, to enjoy important thoughts or simply to reflect within my own consciousness, about significant ideas or feelings.” I have always loved that about my dad, and I have loved these moments myself — for decades I have done the same thing.

Photos taken Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Quote from dad: “I know a good afternoon sun when I see it, and I know the joy of good food and warm memories.”

One thought on “A woman after her dad’s heart and mind

  1. What a beautiful story. I love reading what your dad wrote and how you take after him. I’d love to hear more. What a beautiful kinship to share with your dad even after he is gone. I love this, Susan. Thanks for sharing.

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