transparency & vulnerability

I have never thought much about the difference between these two concepts. Reading Simple Spirituality by Chris Heuertz, I came across his discussion of these. If I understand correctly, transparency is almost a self-conscious, controlled disclosure of truths about oneself. Vulnerability is relinquishing control, letting down one’s guard, and exposing oneself to potential wounding. Chris describes it by way of an analogy about dogs. Dogs are not clothed — nothing is hidden, and they are transparently out there for all to see. Although the self-conscious aspect of transparency does not exactly fit in this analogy, the vulnerability piece does. When dogs bond with people, they display their trust by rolling over and exposing their stomach. They are most vulnerable in this position, and it is a sign of total trust. I’m sure we have a range of opinions about the levels of transparency and vulnerability that are appropriate in blog-land, but in our own personal lives…

Well, let’s just say that I while I believe that good, healthy relationship is dependent upon vulnerability, I fear that I resist it…almost at all costs. I really hate the idea of letting go of control. At one level, being vulnerable is the last thing I want. And at another, it is the thing I want most.

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