Dreams and Discipline

There is a story I have heard many times. It the story of The Country Bunny as read to me by my mother. Do you know this story?

It is the story of a remarkable woman, known as the country bunny.

She dreams of growing up and being one of the select five Easter bunnies who deliver Easter eggs to boys and girls around the world…. and yet…. no one believes that she will amount to anything. They laugh and then say “I told you so!” when she ends up with 21 babies!

The country bunny is a wise mother, who raises her little ones with love and discipline to create an industrious, calm, and orderly home. Each of her little ones is given a household chore.

One day, one of the five Easter bunnies dies, and the Grandfather Bunny must select a new Easter bunny. He is, of course, looking for a very special bunny who is fast, kind, and of excellent character.

The country bunny comes with all of her little ones. All the very best jackrabbits strut their stuff, in hopes of being picked, but he does not find one he favors. The country bunny and her impressive family catch his attention. He sees that she is a good mother, and when he hears about her well-run home, he knows it will continue to run smoothly in her absence. He finds her kind and wise, but he questions whether she has the necessary speed. So, in the blink of an eye, she tells her children to scatter and then she rounds them up again.

He is convinced that she has what it takes to be the fifth Easter bunny, and….
Well, I won’t tell you the whole story! But, this story is embedded in my consciousness. I am always reminded of the persevering mother, who loved well and pursued her dream.

4 thoughts on “Dreams and Discipline

  1. now i must read it! thanks suz. i hadn’t heard of this story. children’s literature is so beautiful and often even truer for adults.

  2. Dear Suz, I loved this recollection of the Easter Bunny story . . . and then I read back to my “last-read” post of your’s . . . love your thoughts, love your pictures and creativity, and I just love you . . :)

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