I’ve so enjoyed getting into photography this year!
Recently, I was out buying a card for someone, and it occurred to me that I could make cards with my photos. Here are some of the ones I’ve created.

Hmmm…. I may never buy cards again. :)

7 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. suz- i love this beautiful way of sharing what you see…the world through your eyes beyond your blog and into the hand and home of a friend. -beth

  2. Wow! Susan, great eye. Your photos have 2 new life on the cards… look so different than in your blog. Congrats on your new adventure. I don’t have any celebrations soon, but I hope you will remember me when I do.

  3. these are so LOVELY!
    i especially love 3,4,6 & 7. ohhh so good.
    you were right to have made some rather than buy them and handmade is so much better than purchased.
    i really love the oranges. :)

    psst…please send me your mailing addy if that’s ok.

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