Lovely Recipe for Colcannon Soup

I made chicken stock last week and have been searching for a good soup recipe. And I am so pleased with my choice. I have the cookbook Dairy Hollow House Soup & Bread by Crescent Dragonwagon and went with a simple, good recipe for Colcannon Soup. I made it with 6 potatoes, 1/2 pound swiss chard, 1.5 pounds cabbage, and two cups half and half. I blended the milk and the potatoes in the blender. And, I steamed the vegetables for much longer than it said, probably 10-15 minutes. Truly delightful! Here is the recipe. Serves 4.

Do you have a favorite soup recipe?

4 thoughts on “Lovely Recipe for Colcannon Soup

  1. Suz! Hello from Crescent, who you courteously credited on the recipe above. and I’m so delighted you found your way to my “lovely” colcannon — I think it’s lovely too, because to my mind anything with those good hearty greens is highly pleasing.

    You showed up on my radar because I have one of those Google Alerts things, so anytime someone mentions one of my books, an email pops into my inbox with a link. This has taken me into many different and sweet worlds, as you can imagine, and yours is one I am glad to be a part of, as I share your attitude about joy.

    My publisher has been very generous about sending bloggers of my choice out review copies of my latest book, The Cornbread Gospels, if I ask nicely. Would you like one? I’d be pleased for you to do so, so if you want just e me your snailmail address and I’ll have them get on it. I’m at cdragonwagonATgmailDOTcom.


    Crescent Dragonwagon

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