Art and Architecture in LA

Today I visited the J. Paul Getty Museum and was so glad I did. It was a last minute change of plans. The architecture and landscaping of the museum is absolutely spectacular. The museum sits atop a hill and has 6-7 buildings with gardens surrounding it. Even if I had not gone inside the museum, I would have been impressed and thrilled with the visit. The exhibits were stunning as well. Overall, I was pleased we made the trip and plan to come back.

And, even better, the J. Paul Getty Trust has ensured that Mr. Getty’s desire that art be available at no charge to the public is honored. There is no charge to enter the museum and gardens. Parking is $8, and that is it!

5 thoughts on “Art and Architecture in LA

  1. the getty is one of my favorite LA museums. was the california photography exhibit still there? honestly, i loved the former location (felt like a roman home with an open plaza in the center, right along the water, but the new space allows for much more art to be displayed. so glad you got to go! :)

  2. I went the last time I was in LA. My friend and I just stood looking out over the grounds and the city for a good couple hours just talking. It was so lovely. The fact that you just pay for parking, lets you take your time with it. Ohhh I’m so filled with longing to be there too. Lucky girl.

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