Beauty occurs randomly regardless of feelings, moods, political climates, religious convictions, schedules, and responsibilities.

I spied this tree on my way to a movie tonight. It was Sooooo fragrant and blossoming and abundantly over-the-top in beauty. And the bees. Oh the bees were around this tree. There is something so amazing about spring and all the rhythms of life. I tried to photograph the bees, but they mostly came out blurry except for this one below. You can see the bee at the very top of the photo. :)

Photos of tree on Pikes Peak Avenue in Colorado Springs

3 thoughts on “beauty

  1. Funny you should mention the fragrance. I seem to catching all sorts of perfumes at the moment. God’s creation is so surprising sometimes! I’m going to Virginia Water today where there is a feast of Azaleas!! Hope to post a photo later. Have a great weekend and Pentecost Suz.

  2. While i was walking with my friend back in Evanston, i was suddenly struck with the rememberance of smell. In mid June, the Linden trees that line the boulevards there come into bloom. With just a miniscule amount of encouragement from the gentlest of breezes, these trees send forth intoxicating fragrance that made me want to linger out-of-doors all day. Pre de Provance makes a soap with the smell but it doesn’t even come close to that natural incense. I associate much remembering with smells . . . it’s a good thing! :)

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