On Sunday, our pastor spoke about how we are filled with all the other things in the world, that we don’t have a thirst for the living water God offers us, that we are not hungry for his presence. I am challenged by this, and I can think of umpteen million things things that “fill” my heart, mind, and soul in the filled-ness of my days.

Right now, emptiness calls my name, calls me to be quiet, to listen, to hunger, and to quirst for the Lord. Come, Lord Jesus, I am making room. I am clearing out clutter. I am making space for you.

5 thoughts on “thirsty?

  1. I join you in silence and pray for our thirst to grow and the temptation to drink from other than Him to subside. There is strength in sharing the silence.

  2. We need to pray for the Spirit to make us hungry and thirsty. Then, nothing else will begin to satisfy like the Presence of Jesus!

  3. I can see that you are on a wonderful spiritual journey ~~ God is good to give us these deep and special moments in our walk with Him.

    You posts are inspiring, even if I don’t repond every time.


  4. Amen!! It seems wherever I go I meet someone who is tending the garden of their soul. Mine seems to have more weeds than flowers but I am working on it…God bless you in your silence!

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